Name and Position

Mr Bijan Beigi

Contact Details

Main Telephone Number:01603 288372


Department page: Opthalmology

Sub-speciality: Cataract surgery
Oculoplastic surgery

GMC Number: 4286174

Secretary: Ryan Cappuccio

Special clinical interests: Eyelid reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. Lacrimal and orbital surgery. Small incision cataract surgery.

Research interests : Ocular blood flow changes following local anaesthesia for Cataract Surgery; Bacterial contamination of the anterior chamber of the eye; Developing new technique for correction of entropion (abnormal in-rolling of the eyelid); Developing new technique for treatment of watery eye (by laser).

Professional Expertise : I am a consultant eye surgeon heading the Ocular Adnexal Service in the local University Trust hospital. I am also the educational supervisor of the department. I obtained my first medical degree in 1980 and worked as a GP later gaining postgraduate experience as a trainee surgeon.   I started my ophthalmic training in the Tennent Institute of Ophthalmology in Glasgow in 1987 and continued in University College Dublin and Bristol Eye Hospital.

I completed my training following a one-year fellowship in Oculoplastic Surgery in Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. I have had ten years excellent ophthalmic training in University Hospitals.   My main professional interest is ophthalmic surgery in particular advanced cataract surgery (Phacoemulsification technique). I have continually updated my skills in this field.  I believe that every new technique should only be used when it has passed the test of time.

I am also an Ocular Adnexal Surgeon which means that I am constantly involved in eyelid reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. I perform high volume complex lacrimal surgery for watery eyes. I performed 650 surgical procedures in total last year.

Personal profile : Social interests: Tennis, skiing and keeping fit.