Name and Position

Mr Chris Illingworth

Contact Details

Main Telephone Number:01603 288375


Department page: Opthalmology

Special clinical interests: Cataract surgery. Complex surgery of the anterior segment, including corneal transplantation.Correction of entropion and ectropion. Removal of eyelid lesions. Treatment of dry eye. Management of glaucoma.

Research interests : Cataract and corneal surgery.Mechanisms of cataract formation.

GMC Number: 3244018

Professional profile : The techniques and technology of cataract surgery are advancing at an unprecedented rate, often giving the opportunity to restore vision to a level undreamt of even a few years ago.

Mr Illingworth uses the most modern surgery tailored to the needs of individual patients.

Mr Illingworth also has a special interst in complex surgery of the anterior segment, including corneal transplantation. He is the Director of the East Anglian Eye Bank, providing a large number of corneas each year that are used throughout the United Kingdom, thanks to generous local donation. Currently, in excess of 10% of all corneas used in the UK are contributed via Norwich.  He also serves on national committees that meet regularly to ensure that a high standard of ocular tissue for transplantation is maintained. These groups also set standards for eye banking and transplant surgery.

Additionally, he is actively engaged in research in areas related to cataract and corneal surgery and is involved in a large scale project that is investigating the mechanisms of cataract formation, in conjunction with researchers at the University of East Anglia. His general ophthalmology work includes eyelid surgery such as correction of entropion and ectropion, removal of eyelid lesions, treatment of dry eye and management of glaucoma.