Name and Position

Dr Utsav Reddy

Contact Details

Main Telephone Number:01603 289842


Department page: Urology

GMC Number: 7020667

Secretary: Rose Morley

Professional Profile: A large part of my practice is dedicated to general urology which encompasses the investigation and management of female urinary symptoms (including urinary tract infections), cancer of the urinary tract (prostate, bladder and testicle), urinary tract stone disease and conditions of the penis and scrotum.

I have a specialist interest in benign prostatic disease and also the diagnosis of prostate cancer, offering transperineal template or targeted fusion prostate biopsies. I have a passion for minimally invasive approaches to both the investigation and management of urological conditions. In addition, working with patients to create a personalised management plan forms the mainstay of my clinical practice.

Recently I have innovated a novel prostate biopsy technique to reduce the time taken for men to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and therefore treated. In this vein, keeping up-to-date with new techniques and evidence based developments in practice ensures that patients that I treat are offered excellent care. This includes regular monitoring of my surgical outcomes.

I qualified from Imperial College London in 2008 and subsequently excelled through my urology specialist training in London and the South East obtaining several awards throughout this period. This has involved working in centres with international reputations in benign and cancerous prostatic disease, and also general urological conditions. Two of these years were spent at Frimley Park Hospital, learning novel techniques for the treatment of bladder outflow obstruction.