Augmented reality headsets purchased by the charity

State-of-the-art augmented reality headsets have been purchased by the Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity to be used for interventional radiology research, training and surgical planning.

The HoloLens Augmented Reality headset works by overlaying digital images onto the clinician’s field of view, allowing surgeons to easily access imaging and other data during surgery.

Two headsets and software were purchased thanks to a £35,000 grant from the charity.

Registrar Jordan Curl-Roper said the equipment was being used for teaching, training and research and has huge potential to benefit patients.

“A patient will have a CT scan before undergoing a procedure and the surgeon needs to memorise these images.

“The HoloLens headset enables the surgeon to have the scan images, heart rate and other observations directly in front of them and can be easily referenced, which helps enormously during surgery.

“This also speeds up the procedure which reduces the radiation dose, benefitting both patients and staff.”

At the moment, the headsets are being used for training and research but it is hoped they will be used on patients in the near future once approval is granted.

Julie Cooper, Head of Grants, said: “This is a really exciting opportunity for the charity to be able to support innovation and use of the latest technology in our hospitals. We look forward to hearing about how this project develops, and the benefits that it will bring to NHS patients.”

Funding for the headsets was made possible thanks to generous donations to the hospital charity.

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