NNUH Norfolk Centre for Interventional Radiology marks the treatment of its 6,000th patient

Nearly three years after it opened, the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s innovative NCIR team have treated their 6,000th patient.

Michael Atkinson, 85, from Norwich, visits the centre every 10 weeks to have his nephrostomy (catheter from one of his kidneys) changed after having his bladder removed following bladder cancer in 2018.

“I cannot praise the team highly enough. I actually look forward to it. I know that sounds odd, but I do. They are a super bunch who know what they are doing and do it properly,” said Mr Atkinson.

He added: “The old unit was rather cramped and didn’t have any windows. They have always been brilliant, but since moving to this new unit you can see just what a difference it has made to them. They all seem so much happier.”

The team have developed a specific patient pathway following Mr Atkinson’s feedback after having to go onto a ward via the Emergency Department after he accidentally caught the tube on a door handle. Currently, if nephrostomy patients inadvertently pull out their catheter they have to go into ED and then onto Same Day Emergency Care, where they wait to be seen.

NNUH NCIR Service Lead David Pechey said: “We have worked closely with our colleagues in the Urology team to develop a pathway so that patients like Mr Atkinson can call us directly and we can tell them when we can fit them in. It’s a relatively simple procedure which does not take long, so they can wait at home where they are more comfortable and only come to the hospital when they need to. It’s such a simple thing, but it makes the world of difference to our patients.”

Mr Atkinson made this suggestion in feedback to the hospital. He said: “It just goes to show how responsive they are. This is a great team.”

The £7million centre Norfolk Centre for Interventional Radiology was opened in September 2020 having received a £220,000 grant from N&N Hospitals Charity enabling essential patient monitoring systems to be purchased. David said: “This was greatly appreciated by all working on the project at the time, and continues to ensure the best care for patients attending the unit.”

Julie Cooper, Head of Grants for the Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity said: “We were really pleased to be able to offer a grant to support the development of the Interventional Radiology Centre, and learning that more than 6000 patients have now benefited over the last three years is wonderful news.  Thank you to everyone who donated and made it possible for us to support better care for local patients.”

To find out more about the N&N Hospitals Charity or to make a donation please visit www.nnhospitalscharity.org.uk 

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