State-of-the-art paediatric patient simulator joins NANIME

Our NANIME technical skills department has welcomed Hal to the team – one of the world’s most advanced paediatric patient simulators.

Hal is helping junior doctors and healthcare professionals to develop their skills in simulated medical scenarios to diagnose and treat young patients.

The new simulator is the first capable of simulating lifelike emotions through dynamic facial expressions, movement, and speech.

Hal has colour changing skin, interactive eyes and active facial expressions to mimic a range of conditions and supports patient monitoring such as ECG, defibrillation and oximeters.

The simulator also supports emergency interventions such as surgical airways, needled compression and chest tubes.

The NANIME (Norfolk and Norwich Institute for Multi-professional Education) Simulation Training and Research centre in the Centrum building within Norwich Research Park was opened three years ago.

The centre and Hal recently welcomed ten delegates from across the East of England for a paediatric simulation course involving six scenarios throughout the day.