Trial of foldable incubator at NNUH helps save lives in Ukraine

Research carried out at our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to trial an innovative foldable incubator is helping to save lives in war-torn Ukraine

Our Trust was one of three hospitals in the UK to trial a lightweight and battery powered incubator, which has gone on to help more than 1,500 babies in Ukraine. Seventy-five incubators are being used in Ukraine and their Ministry of Health has requested 100 more.

The mOm incubator aims to reduce the number of premature baby deaths globally by giving a flexible solution to neonatal care and making incubators accessible everywhere.

The portable, compact, fold-away incubator aims to be an alternative to conventional incubators to keep premature and term babies warm.

The mOm Incubator has been designed, developed and manufactured in Britain and is also being used across the UK to reduce short-term admissions to special care.

Seven babies under the care of our NICU took part in the study and the mOm team visited NNUH last year to demonstrate the equipment to staff and students.

Initial findings have found no significant difference in performance and thermal care when the mOm incubator was compared with a standard incubator.

Amy Nichols, Women’s and Children’s Lead Research Nurse at NNUH, said: “We are pleased to be involved in this important evaluation to help demonstrate the effectiveness of keeping babies warm in this new incubator. We are extremely grateful to their parents who have agreed to take part in this project.”

“Any project that can help save lives in places where conventional incubators are not universally used or feasible can only be a good thing.”

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