Diversity Inclusion and Belonging Strategy Oct 2023


download Diversity Inclusion and Belonging Strategy Oct 2023


Since the launch of our Caring with Pride and Caring Together strategies we committed to producing an additional strategy which focuses solely on improving Diversity Inclusion and Belonging for our staff and for our patients. This was in light of experiences shared by colleagues through our staff survey and from our patients that we must do more to ensure that everyone feels they are included and supported appropriately and can access our services without fear or judgement. The overall vision being that we can promote NNUH as ‘Our Hospital for All’ – where everyone feels a sense of belonging and their voices are heard.

The strategy adopts the NHS Equality Delivery System as a framework to align to. This means there are three themes that the strategy focuses on:

  • Comissioned or Provided Services including Health Inequalities
  • Workforce Wellbeing
  • Inclusive Leadership

The strategy also considers the new nationa

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