Student Feedback

We asked the students to share their experience of the programme with us and here is a selection of what they said.

“I will definitely recommend this placement to others”

“I have really enjoyed this week and have found it to be very useful and informative. Thank you to all those who have made this placement possible”

“Thank you for organising the week it has been amazing”

“Good and enjoyable – enjoyed every minute of it”


6th form Students in theatre NANIME - Copy


Visiting the nephrology ward was a humbling experience; despite the laborious task of regular dialysis, the patients still managed to remain positive. It highlighted how much research is necessary in this area, so that one day we can find a way to prevent dialysis becoming a way of life for such patients.
This has compelled me to consider conducting medical research in the future. I was inspired by the impact of the pioneering research of men and women evident the hospital, on so many patients’ lives. For example, in the cardiology department; although self-catheterization is not recommended as a research tool, the work of Werner Forssmann has improved the lives of millions.
Observing surgery was a fascinating and surreal experience; I was witnessing the moment when someone’s life would be completely changed. It would be a privilege if I could be the one doing the life changing one day, although judging by my suturing in the Technical Skills Lab, I’m still a long way from that point.
To conclude, I understand that Medicine is a life-long commitment, but this week has proved just how rewarding studying Medicine can be, and has made me even more motivated and excited to pursue a career in this field.

Student from Notre Dame High School


Alex R