Breast Screening

Screening has now returned to its usual process of sending letters offering a timed appointment. If the time or date of your appointment is not convenient, please call and we can try and rearrange this with you. If you do not wish to attend for screening, please call us on 01603 287777 to let us know so we can use the appointment for someone else.

When will I be screened?

If you’re 50 – 71 and registered with a GP surgery, you will automatically receive an invitation for breast screening every three years. Following the delays caused by the Covid pandemic many women will be called up to 12 months early, in order to get back into line with pre-covid screening. If this happens to you do not worry, it is not a mistake.

If you are over 71-years-old, you can still attend once every three years for as long as you would like. There is no upper age limit for screening. To arrange these appointments, please call us on 01603 287777 when you are due.

I have just received my invitation letter. Now what happens?

Your letter contains the date and time of your appointment and its location. It also gives important instructions regarding before your mammogram. Please contact us if anything on the letter relates to you.

If you have a physical or learning disability, please phone the screening unit on 01603 287777 or write to the address shown on the invitation letter. A special appointment will be arranged at one of the screening units at either Norwich Community Hospital or Cromer hospital. There is wheelchair access at these sites, and we can arrange for a supporter to come with you if you wish. More time can also be allowed than is possible on a mobile screening unit.

Please also contact the screening unit if you have breast implants. You can still have a mammogram and your appointment may not need to be changed. If you are unable to contact us by phone, you can email us. You can also read government guidelines on breast implants and breast screening.

For your screening appointment, don’t wear spray deodorant, talc powder or moisturiser on your breasts or under your arms.

Where will I be screened?

You will be called to a screening site dependant on the address of your GP surgery. Find your local screening site here.

What to expect

Attending a breast screening appointment usually takes less than 20 minutes. The first step of breast screening is a mammogram, which will be performed by a female radiographer or practitioner. The mammogram can detect small changes in breast tissue which may show cancers which are too small for you or your doctor to feel. Find out more on what to expect.

When will I get my results?

You should receive your results to your home address within two to three weeks. You may need to be recalled to the second stage of breast screening if an area requiring further investigation is found on your first mammograms. If this is necessary, you will receive a letter with another appointment to the assessment clinic at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Please be aware that if you are recalled, it does not always mean you have breast cancer.

Contact Details

Main Telephone Number: 01603 287777