Loop Recorder Insertion


What is a Loop Recorder?

A Loop recorder is a very small device that is implanted below the skin on the upper chest wall. Its purpose is to record rhythm of your heart over a prolonged period.

Why do I need a Loop Recorder?

This is generally because your doctor suspects that you may be suffering from an intermittent problem affecting the rhythm of your heart.

How do they fit my Loop Recorder?

The loop recorder consists of a small metal case. This metal case is placed under the skin usually on the upper left-hand side of the chest (occasionally the right side is used). This will be performed in an operating theatre similar to those in the Angiography Suite. Once it is in place the loop recorder will be checked and programmed according to your individual needs. Here at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital this procedure is performed by experienced nursing staff accompanied by a cardiac physiologist.

For more information from The British Heart Foundation on Loop recorders click here.