Complex Discharge Team

What does the Complex Discharge Team do?

The complex discharge team facilitates the timely and efficient discharge of patients with complex needs to the environment of their choice, with safety always our priority. This enables the treatment of patients in urgent need, preventing long waits and unnecessary cancellations.

How does the team achieve this?

The team works with staff on the wards to monitor and progress discharge plans for identified patients. To do this, the role of the team includes:
• Helping with practical, day-to-day aspects of discharge
• Discussing discharge arrangements with patients, their families and other people who are important in their lives; supporting them through the process
• Giving specialist advice on discharges, particularly those involving clinically or socially complex situations
• Liaising with internal departments and external organizations
• Identifying discharge difficulties and opportunities
• Developing services to improve discharges in the hospital

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Who is in the team?

The team is made up of members of staff from a wide range of backgrounds, including: nursing; nursing assistants; therapy; voluntary and Social Care sector. This enables the team to approach discharge with a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience.

How to contact the team

If a member of the team is involved with discharging yourself, your loved one or someone you have care responsibilities for, the ward can provide you with the contact details for the appropriate member of the team.

When is the service available?

The core working hours of the team are 08:00-16:30hours, Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays), though some elements of the service are available outside of these hours. Additionally, if the need arises, team members may be available outside of these hours, with prior arrangement.