CCTV Recording

The Trust has CCTV cameras installed around the Hospital sites in order to manage and investigate the following circumstances:

  • Staff, Visitor and Patient safety
  • Alleged security incidents, theft and assaults
  • Investigation of traffic incidents or congestion on the Trust site
  • Supporting the management of a fire or major incident alert
  • the security of Trust premises
  • Persons acting suspiciously on Trust premises

These images are only viewed by the Trust personnel and the images can be shared with the police to help investigation or prosecution of criminal activities within the Trust grounds and premises.

The legal grounds that allow us to process such information is in the legitimate interest to keep our employees, patients and visitors safe .

We reserve the right to withhold information where permissible by the Data Protection Legislation and we will only retain the CCTV recordings for a reasonable period or as long as is required by law. In certain circumstances (high profile investigations, serious or criminal incidents) we may need to disclose CCTV recordings for legal reasons.