Occupational Health (Workplace Health & Wellbeing)

Fit, healthy, and motivated employees are the key to success in any well-run organisation. By not protecting the health of your employees in their work place, you may be placing your organisation at risk. Protect your organisation and your employees by recognising what Workplace Health & Wellbeing can do for you….

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Workplace Health & Wellbeing provides comprehensive and specialist Occupational Health services to both NHS and non-NHS organisations and we are one of the leading providers of comprehensive Occupational Health services in Norfolk.

‘Occupational Health’ seeks to maximise people’s health potential in the workplace, to ensure individuals are fit for the work they undertake. Our specialist team plays a significant role in supporting local organisations and their staff overcome many workplace related, ill health problems.

We offer competent and professional advice, to help protect health in the workplace in line with national guidelines and standards and to provide oustanding business benefit to organisations.

We are a NHS based organisation providing services to both public and private sector employers in Norfolk. As a registered NHS Health at Work Network Occupational Health provider (www.nhshealthatwork.co.uk), we aim to provide a comprehensive range of cost effective services tailored to your business needs.  Our emphasis is proactive rather than reactive, as we work in partnership with organisations to address specific health needs & providing independent, impartial Occupational Health advice.

Why use Occupational Health?

Occupational Health services can help to protect your organisation against expensive problems such as: costs of sickness absence, loss of production, poor performance, litigation, insurance, management distraction, overtime, investigation time and loss of expertise.

Our comprehensive service helps:

  • protect and monitor employees’ health
  • promote well-being
  • comply with the law
  • protect orgainsations against costly litigation claims.

Your legal responsibilities for providing Occupational Health services to your employees.

As an employer your duties are to:

  • protect workers health against damaging effects of work
  • investigate effects of work on health
  • help people with health problems or disabilities to work under optimal conditions
  • make the workplace safer and healthier

You may also wish to use the workplace as an opportunity to promote health and improve the health of your workforce.