Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Workplace Health & Wellbeing has been providing services to both public and private organisations since 1991, and is now one of the highest performing NHS Health at Work Network occupational health departments in the UK. As a  main provider of occupational health services in Norfolk, we are proud of our knowledge of wide ranging industry specific requirements and we have proven ability to provide services which are adaptable and progressive.

Please note, Workplace Health & Wellbeing offers discounted service charges for registered charities or for organisations who agree to a contractual arrangement with us. The prices provided on this website are our standard charges. To discuss the discounted rates available please contact our Business Managers on 01603 286667.

Where are we?

Our main base is situated in the city centre at 20 Rouen Road and we have a strong presence at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. Regular liaison with our customers ensure services continue to develop to meet the changing needs within specific business arenas.

Our Team

Our team of highly skilled staff consist of Occupational Health Nurse Advisers, (qualified Nurses with additional qualification in Occupational Health); Occupational Health Advisers (qualified Nurses with experience in Occupational Health);  Practice Nurses (qualified Nurses beginning a career in Occupational Health) and Occupational Health Technicians (with relevant experience in the delivery of occupational health screening).
All our Occupational Health Doctors have additional qualifications and/or experience in Occupational Health.
Head of Workplace Health, Wellbeing and Safety: Mrs Hilary Winch
Occupational Health Business Managers: Miss Karen Warnes