Who are we?

Who are we?


Radiotherapy Physics staff are Clinical Scientists (Physicists), Electronic Engineers, Mould Room Technicians and Support Staff

Clinical Scientists (Physicists)

Head of Radiotherapy Physics
Will Holmes-Smith

Lead Clinical Scientists

Vicki Currie (Brachytherapy, Radiation Protection & Safety)
Sarah Betts (External Beam Planning & Training)
Cheryl Evans (QA & Machine Dosimetry)

Clinical Scientists
Catherine Palmer, Adam Rudrum, Anthi Alexandrou, Geraldine Verschoor, Natasa Solomou, Susannah Leah, Beat Bilson, Ghafour H Zahmatkesh, David Moodie

Clinical Scientist Graduate Trainee
Ben Russell

STP Trainee
Alex Andrassy

Technical Services

Head of Technical Services
Phil Murphy

Senior Electronics Engineer
Simon Copeland, Arek Pucilowski

Chief Mould Room Technician
Mark Dagless

Senior Mould Room Technician
Richard Rontree

Radiotherapy Mould Room Support Worker
Adam Bishop

Support Staff

Office Manager & ISO 9001:2015 Document Manager
Ann Rounce

Digital Health ARIA Systems Manager
Paul Read

Technical Support Analyst
Ian Jones, Andy Thompson