Who are we?

Radiotherapy Physics Staff group photo

Radiotherapy Physics staff are Clinical Scientists (Physicists), Electronic Engineers, Mould Room Technicians and Support Staff


Clinical Scientists (Physicists)

Head of Radiotherapy Physics – Alison Vinall

Alison has over 20 years experience in Radiotherapy Physics working initially in central London teaching hospitals before moving to Norfolk in 1999.

Lead Clinical Scientists

External Beam Planning, Brachytherapy and Training

Vicki Currie

QA & Machine Dosimetry

Will Holmes-Smith

Clinical Scientists

Sarah Betts, Stephanie Smith, David Willis, Catherine Eveleigh, Cheryl Evans

Trainee Clinical Scientists

Geraldine Verschoor, Natasa Solomou, Jeevan Panday, Anthi Alexandrou

Clinical Scientist Graduate Trainees

Adam Rudrum


Electronic Engineers

Head of Technical Services – Thomas (Tam) Devlin

Tam worked for many years as an engineer in the RAF. Some of the same radar and rf  technology used in aircraft systems is utilised in radiotherapy linear accelerators.

Electronic Engineers

Steve Farrow, Tim Rackstraw, Philip Murphy and Bob Wilson


Mould Room

Mould Room Technicians

Mark Dagless and Richard Rontree

Apprentice Mould Room Technician

Adam Bishop


Support Staff

Office Manager

Ann Rounce

IT Support Engineer

Paul Read