Palliative Care

Welcome to the NNUH Specialist Palliative Care Team

The team consists of specialist Doctors and Nurses who provide a 9 – 5, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), face to face visiting service. Outside of these hours (5 – 9 and weekends and bank holidays) the service is supported by a telephone advice line for health care professionals and patients and families are advised to contact their GP or district nurse

The palliative care team works closely with the ward teams and the patient’s consultant to support care and treatment.  Support can also be as telephone advice

The Specialist Palliative Care Team provide assessments for palliative in-patients for complex symptom control and psychological issues. The person assessing the patient will act as the patient’s key worker for specialist palliative care for the duration of their hospital admission, unless the patient wishes for no further contact or by mutual agreement the patient is discharged from the caseload. .

The consultants provide medical outpatient clinic appointments for palliative patients who are well enough to travel and who require a one off assessment in an outpatient clinic or on-going specialist support over a longer period of time. Referral for the outpatient service can be made via ICE or by letter to the consultant.

The team also offers an outpatient breathlessness service. Referrals can be made on ICE for this service.

Contact the Team

Medical: 01603 286286  ext 2162
Nursing: 01603 287227

Dr Phil Wilkins Consultant Works Monday, Wednesday and     Thursday pm; Clinic Monday am
Dr Sanda Hlaing Staff Grade Works Monday – Friday
Julie Noble Nurse Works Monday – Friday 9 – 5
Anna Farrar Nurse Works Monday – Wednesday and Friday 9 – 5
Emma Harris Nurse Works Monday – Friday 9 – 5
Vicky Holman Nurse Works Monday – Tuesday 9 – 5
Liz Rushbrook Nurse Works  Thursday  – Friday 9 – 5
Sarah Plumridge SPC Nurse  Works  Wednesday – Friday 9 – 5
GP Trainee Works Monday, alternative   Wednesday and Thursday
SpR Various hours
Fiona Williams Secretary to Drs  Works Monday – Friday
Bev Myhill Secretary to
nursing team.
 Works Tuesday – Friday
Karen Lester Secretary to
nursing team.
 Works Monday