Breast Surgery

Our team work closely with colleagues in breast surgery and oncology to offer reconstructive breast surgery.

Information for referring GPs

  • Advice and Guidance via e-RS (general surgery – BREAST)
  • Breast Annual Screening requests to be sent direct to Community Hospital.
  • Breast prosthetic requests to be send to the Prosthetic Department at NNUH.
  • Breast 2WW referrals to be issued via e-RS.

Plastics Reconstruction Consultants

The Plastics Breast Reconstruction surgeons complete reconstructive surgery for patients who have had breast cancer and a mastectomy. The types of reconstruction include autologous flap reconstruction and implant-based reconstruction. We also support patients who have a genetic mutation so choose to have risk reducing surgery and reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction CNS

  • Hannah Newstead
  • Melanie Skipper

Keeping Abreast

Keeping Abreast is an affiliated charity which provides support to patients who are considering Breast Reconstruction surgery. They have a show and tell support group. Provide peer support through buddy system and closed Facebook group. Their website gives information, videos and useful tips for patients considering reconstruction or who need support after their surgery.

For more support and information please contact Keeping Abreast.