Alternative and Augmentative Communication

Sometimes, it is necessary to use alternative ways to communicate more effectively. Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) aids can be recommended by the Speech and Language Therapist. AAC aids can be split into two main groups:

Common low-tech aids:

  • Pen and paper
  • Picture communication chart
  • Symbol communication chart
  • Alphabet board
  • Communication book
  • Pain/Emotions scale
  • Picture menu
  • E-tran frame 

Common high-tech aids:

  • Lightwriter
  • Go Talk
  • Talking Photo Album
  • Servox (electronic voice box)
  • Apple iPad or Android tablet.

Apps: There are a number of AAC apps being developed for tablets (Apple and Android) including:

  • SpeakPad
  • iSpeech
  • Verbally
  • Talk Assist
  • Text2Speech
  • Talk to me
  • Speak It!
  • PredictAble
  • Proloquo2go
  • Scene and Heard
  • AACSpeechBuddy
  • Alexicom AAC for Android
  • iAugComm
  • Let's Talk!
  • MyVoice Communication Aid
  • My Voice My Words
  • Quick talk
  • Talkforme
  • Tap talker
  • TapToTalk
  • Touch and Go – Speak
  • Voice4u
  • ProxTalker Professional
  • Clarocom
  • Iasku
  • Handy Speech
  • Unity Core Lite
  • iVocalize

This list does not constitute a recommendation from the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.  Please research the suitability of AAC Apps before purchasing or downloading them to your tablet device.