The Stoma Care Department is part of the Colorectal Department and is managed by Nicky Picton, Lead CNS Colorectal Stoma care

The Stoma Care Specialist Nurses, Lucy Russell, Nicky Picton, Suzanne Haselton and Gabby Thorpe provide a comprehensive, individualised and ongoing service for those people who have or may require a stoma and for those caring for them, allowing the patient to achieve their optimal level of rehabilitation.

These are all highly qualified nurses with a wealth of experience in many areas including colorectal surgery, counselling, palliative care, urostomies, paediatric stoma care, gastroenterology and wound management.

The Colorectal and Stoma Care service is supported by Dennis Burrows, Stoma Care Secretary.

About Us

The word stoma comes from the Greek word for “opening” or “mouth”.  In the context of the bowel or bladder, “stoma” is used to describe a surgical procedure, which diverts the bowel onto the surface of the abdomen.  It is combined with the word for the specific part of the bowel to describe the stoma; i.e. a stoma from the large bowel (colon) is called a colostomy; a stoma from the small bowel (ileum) is called an ileostomy.  A piece of small bowel (ileum) is also sometimes used to divert the flow of urine when the bladder is diseased or damaged.  The bowel is joined together again and works normally.  This stoma is called an ileal conduit or a urostomy.

Over 300 people have a stoma formed at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital each year.  These are created for many different reasons and can be either permanent or temporary.  The role of the Stoma Care Nurse is to help you to prepare for the stoma before your operation, where possible, and to guide you through the period following surgery giving practical and emotional support.  Stoma patients are never discharged from the stoma care service and are free to contact the department at any time for advice and support.  It is important to remember that it is up to you to contact the department should you have any problems or concerns.

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There is no on-call service and patients who require urgent attention in the evening or at weekends should contact their GP or District Nurse

Direct Line with 24 answerphone 01603 286441