Our Research Expertise

Mutual Assurances

NHS organisations across the Norfolk & Suffolk Comprehensive Local Research Network (N&S CLRN) work proactively together to speed up the initiation of commercial clinical research across two or more organisations in the region by collectively sharing cost and contract negotiations and local review.   

Research Support Services

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is implementing the systems of the Research Support Services framework in a number of ways. 

  • We have an R&D Operational Capability Statement, endorsed by the Trust executive, which outlines our organisational capacity to undertake research
  • We operate to a series of Standard Operating Procedures for research and undertake risk assessments for all our new studies as part of our approval systems to ensure that research within the Trust is in-line with regulatory requirements and undertaken in a professional and safe manner.
  • We will also be making available details of our approved studies via this website and will be adding information about our performance in these studies as we develop the best ways to measure our performance from January 2014.