Tinnitus & Hearing Therapy

Who are we?

  • Claire Gatenby – Chief Hearing Therapist
  • Sophie Butler – Hearing Therapist
  • Kim Fredericks – Senior Audiologist
  • Alex Ryan – Lead Healthcare Scientist in Hearing Therapy
  • Diane Sostman – Secretary to Hearing Therapy

How can you be referred?

New patients are referred by their GP to ENT who can then refer onto Hearing Therapy, if appropriate. There is a direct referral from GP to Hearing Therapy if you have tinnitus (see Tinnitus heading). If you have already been seen in the Hearing Therapy Department you can re-refer yourself at any time. An Audiologist can also refer onto Hearing Therapy if they feel you are having problems.

Who do we see?

We see people to help with the following problems: tinnitus; minimal hearing loss; problems with sensitivity to noise; hearing loss in one ear; problems discriminating speech; balance problems; patients with sudden acquired hearing losses and patients with profound hearing losses.

What services are offered?

Tinnitus Management / Counselling

We can explain what tinnitus is and the current methods of managing/minimizing the tinnitus.  The therapist uses counselling skills to reflect on the impact that tinnitus is having on the person’s quality of life.

Relaxation Therapy

We can offer a range of relaxation exercises to help reduce the stress/tension, which may result from living with hearing loss, tinnitus or balance problems.

Hearing Tactics

We can give you advice on various hearing strategies, which can help to minimize any communication difficulties a person may have as a result of the hearing loss.    


We can provide ‘one to one’ lip-reading tuition and information on group classes run by Adult Education.

Auditory Training / Listening Practise

We can provide a course of auditory training/listening practise to help a person to recognise speech sounds with and without a hearing aid. General advice and listening practise can also be done.

Balance Retraining

We can offer a course of individually tailored exercises to help a person to overcome a balance problem.

Counselling for Sudden Acquired Hearing Loss

We use counselling skills to help an individual and their family adjust to a sudden hearing loss.   

Assistive Listening Devices

We can demonstrate and provide information on some of the equipment available for ‘one to one’ listening, the television, hearing the doorbell, alarm and telephone.

Help with Sensitive Hearing

We can provide an individually tailored desensitisation programme to help with over sensitivity to loud noises and environmental sounds.

Equipment and Services for patients of Working Age

We can advise patients on equipment available in the workplace and provide information on the government-funded service Access to Work.

Tinnitus Information Presentation

Please click on the link below to view the Tinnitus presentation:

Tinnitus Information Presentation

Further Information

For further information on Hearing Therapy Services please contact Diane Sostman on:  01603 287284

The Hearing Therapy department has produced a patient information guide on Tinnitus.

The British Tinnitus Association also operates a number of online tinnitus support groups.