Audiology is concerned with the science of hearing and balance.

The Audiology Department at the NNUH provides a comprehensive service involved with the assessment, management and therapeutic rehabilitation of people with hearing and balance problems and associated disorders.

Patients seen in the department come from all age groups, from newborn babies and children through to working age adults and older people. The Head of the Audiology Department is Dr John FitzGerald

Covid-19 Update 

We are continuing to see patients in the department, but strictly by appointment only. Please do not visit Audiology without an appointment.

Our video appointments and appointments over the telephone are all still going ahead so please do be in for these at the arranged time.

The ‘drop-in’ hearing aid repair service is closed. We are able to offer a limited number of hearing aid repair appointments at the hospital, mainly for patients requiring new earmoulds. Please continue to use our postal hearing aid repair service where possible. If you need advice or wish to see if you are eligible for a repair appointment, please telephone the hearing aid repair enquiry line on 01603 287284.

Request hearing aid accessories online for free postal delivery

Complete this online form to request hearing aid accessories online for free delivery to your home address. This includes items like batteries and tubing.

Frequently asked questions

Is the ‘drop-in’ hearing aid repair clinic open again?

No, we have not been able to re-open the ‘drop-in’ hearing aid repair service as we have to continue to control numbers attending the department to maintain social distancing.

My hearing aid is broken, how can I get it repaired?

If your hearing aid is not working, consult your hearing aid literature or the FAQ section of our website for advice on how to solve common hearing aid problems at home. If you are unable to do this then you can use the hearing aid repair postal service. Please send your hearing aid (without batteries), earmould, battery card and a brief description of the problem in a padded envelope (using the correct postage) to the following address:

Hearing Aid Repairs
Audiology Department
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
Colney Lane

We will repair or replace your hearing aid within two working days and return it to you by post.

Alternatively, phone the hearing aid repair enquiry line: 01603 287284

I need a new earmould, how can I get one?

If your earmould is lost or broken, please telephone us to arrange an appointment. Please consider using a spare old earmould in the meantime if you have one.

My earmould needs re-tubing, how do I do this?

If your earmould needs retubing and you are able to do this yourself or have someone who can assist you, then please complete this online form and we will supply you with tubing by post. There is a useful video showing how to re-tube an earmould in these hearing aids FAQs.

If you are unable to retube your earmould yourself, then the earmould can be posted to us as described above or you can contact us to see if you may be eligible for a hearing aid repair appointment, or you can contact ‘Hear for Norfolk’ who may be able to help (see contact details below).

I need more batteries, what do I do?

New batteries can be posted to you at home. Please complete this online form to request more batteries.

I have a problem with my Bone Conduction Hearing System, what do I do?

If your Bone conduction processor is faulty, or has stopped working, please contact us as above. We may be able to send a replacement processor to you using recorded delivery. We may ask you to post your faulty processor back to us in the same way.

If you have a problem with your abutment or abutment site, please contact us as soon as possible.

I have an Audiology appointment booked, is there anything I need to do differently?

If an appointment has been arranged for you to attend Audiology please adhere to the following advice:

  • Do not attend the hospital if you or any member of your household is showing symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • Please wear a face covering (adults and children 11 years and older)
  • If possible, please attend alone or if you need to attend with a caregiver, then only a single caregiver should attend.
  • On arrival please sanitize your hands and report to the ENT/Audiology Reception
  • Audiology staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) for your safety and theirs. We understand that you may find it very difficult to hear without lipreading. Please let staff know if this is the case, so that we can consider using other means of communication. We have iPads that can display what we are saying on written form if this would be helpful.

How do I arrange a hearing test?

If you have NHS hearing aids issued by us and require a hearing test, please contact the Audiology Service directly to request an appointment.

If you do not have NHS hearing aids and wish to have your hearing tested, please ask your GP to refer you for a hearing test (your GP will decide whether you need to be referred to ENT, Audiology or a community NHS hearing service)

I have NHS hearing aids and have recently moved to Norfolk.  What should I do?

There are multiple providers of NHS hearing aids in Norfolk.  Please register with a local GP who can refer you to the most appropriate hearing aid provider (which may or may not be NNUH Audiology).  Your new provider will be able to provide you with batteries as required and arrange an appointment for you to be transferred to their care.  It may be necessary to fit you with different hearing aids if the hearing aid model you are wearing is not supported by your new provider.

We thank you all for your patience during this difficult time. If you are worried or concerned, then please contact us for more information.

Are you worried about losing your hearing aids?  Who would have predicted 12 months ago that reaching for your facemask as you leave the house would become as habitual as reaching for your car keys?

Face coverings present particular challenges for hearing aid wearers.  Luckily there are a number of ways of minimising the risk.  This short video explores five different solutions:

Please click here for further information about Hearing Aids and face masks


Deaf Awareness, Accessibility and Communication in the NHS

A group of patients and clinicians are working to improve the way NHS services work and communicate with people who have a hearing loss.

They have developed an online survey to collect information from people with hearing loss (or parents/carers of people with hearing loss), to help improve accessibility and communication within NHS services.

Contact Details

Telephone Number: 01603 287284 

Email Address:

How to Find Us

Our Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital department is located on Level 2 in the West Block. Please use the West Out-patients entrance/s and follow the signs to Audiology. If you are coming by car and need to park, the closest carpark/s are C, D

Our Cromer Hospital department can be found on the first floor

We also offer a range of adult hearing aid services from the Hear for Norfolk at 14 Meridian Way, Meridian Business Park, Norwich, NR7 0TA.

Other Local Services: Hear for Norfolk

Hear for Norfolk is a local charity that provides support for people with hearing loss. Hear for Norfolk offer help with maintenance and an NHS aural care service, amongst other services. Please see their website for details on Hear for Norfolk’s services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For details about how to find us, how to get here and information about accessibility (including images), please click on the icon below: