Norwich Balance Clinic

About the Service

If you have problem with your balance, your GP may refer you to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor. The ENT doctor may then refer you to the Audiology department for a Vestibular (balance) assessment.

This service is led by Clinical Scientist Debbie Phillis.

How long does a Vestibular assessment take?

A Vestibular assessment takes approximately two hours.

What happens if I am referred for Vestibular assessment?

The audiologist will take a detailed history of your balance problems and perform a number of tests.  These involve observation of your eye movements whilst you follow the movement of a small red light on a screen in front of you. Goggles containing small video cameras will be placed over your eyes to measure their movement, this allows the audiologist to look at the function of the balance pathways between the eyes and the balance organ in the ears.   The final test assesses the balance function of each ear independently, by putting a small amount of water into each ear in turn.

vng1Vestibular Assessment

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Some people with balance problems benefit from a series of specially designed exercises combining head and body movements with eye exercises.  If you are considered a suitable candidate for this treatment, you will be given simple exercises to carry out at home and have your progress monitored by the audiologist.