Endobible & Endocrinology Blood Tests

In 2008-2009, the directorate of endocrinology developed a new system of screening new referrals to the directorate, and introduced a system of standardised pre-clinic blood tests and standardised assessment and management of patients with endocrine conditions.

Patients are asked by letter to have their blood tests taken before they attend their new patient appointment in endocrinology. 97% of patients have found it straight forward to have these tests done before attending their first appointment. The patient then attends their appointment at which they will be assessed according to the department’s agreed protocols (available on the Endobible website), and given their test results on the same day.

Recent patient feedback has indicated that 100% of patients think this is a good idea, allowing more patients to be given their results and their diagnosis at their first clinic visit. 100% patients surveyed in 2010, felt that this system should continue.

This work has led to the development of an interactive website to aid junior doctors and non specialists to assess patients with suspected endocrine disorders. This website is currently attracting more than 5,500 visitors a month from around the world, and was awarded an award for innovation in 2010.