Endocrinology Multi-disciplinary Teams

Endocrinology MDT Meetings

Many conditions in endocrinology are best managed in a multidisciplinary fashion. This means that important management decisions are not taken by a single doctor, but discussed with a group of experts from different disciplines including oncology (cancer medicine), radiology, pathology, specialist surgeons and specialist nurses. In some cases, a formal regular meeting: the MDT or MDM multidisciplinary team meeting is required to facilitate this. These are listed below.

Thyroid MDT

The thyroid MDT meets on alternate Mondays to discuss all new possible or confirmed cases of thyroid cancer in the Anglia Eastern region. The meeting is chaired by Dr Tom Roques clinical director for oncology, and Dr Swords is the deputy chair. Representatives from oncology, endocrinology, ear nose and throat surgery, endocrine surgery, radiology, pathology and oncology and endocrine specialist nurses all meet together in Norwich, with video linking from the James Paget hospital in Great Yarmouth, the Queen Elizabeth hospital Kings Lynn and Ipswich hospitals. In this meeting all scans and biopsy results are examined and discussed between the team members, and a management plan agreed for all patients referred to the meeting.

Endocrinology Radiology MDT

All the endocrinologists and endocrine specialist nurses meet with Dr Jan Saada consultant radiologist and Dr Ajith Kumar consultant oncologist with an interest in pituitary radiotherapy, every Thursday. All new radiology or scan images are reviewed and all patients with suspected or confirmed pituitary and adrenal disease are discussed.

Pituitary MDT

This is held monthly by video link with the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. Neurosurgeons, pituitary radiologists, specialist neuropathologists, oncologists, endocrinologists, specialist endocrine nurses and an MDT co-ordinator all meet to review and discuss the imaging, biochemical and pathology results of patients with suspected or confirmed pituitary disease to agree an optimal management plan.

Urology MDT

This is held weekly in Norwich. Representatives of urological surgery, oncology, radiology, and pathology meet to discuss patients with urological disease to review and discuss imaging and other results, to agree an optimal management plan. Patients with adrenal disorders are referred to this MDT before considering adrenal surgery.

Neuro-endocrine tumour MDT

The MDT for neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) is held monthly between the oncologists, endocrinologists, NET specialist nurse, histopathologist, radiologist, gastroenterologist and hepatobiliary surgeon.