Colorectal Unit

Colorectal Unit

The colorectal unit comprises of six consultant surgeons, nursing staff on Dilham ward, specialist colorectal nursing and stoma care staff.

The unit manages patients with colorectal cancer and many benign colorectal disorders including inflammatory bowel disease and complicated diverticular disease. We also specialize in benign anorectal disorders including anal fistula and incontinence. This latter condition is often assessed in a pelvic floor clinic run closely with the physiology department.

The unit also works closely with the gastroenterology and radiology departments to provide diagnostic and treatment for all the above conditions. The colorectal unit also provides a full range of general surgical emergency and elective work and contribute to the workload of the endoscopy unit.

Operations performed include:

  • Colectomy
  • Rectal resection, including restorative procedures.
  • Rectal prolapse surgery
  • Laparoscopic colectomy.
  • Subspecialist anal fistula and sphincter surgery

Consultant Surgeons:


Colorectal / Stoma Care Specialist Nursing Team:

  • G B Cain
  • Sarah Wilkinson
  • Gabby Thorpe
  • Theresa Bowles
  • Lucy Russell
  • Nicky Picton

Supported by Karen Utting, Colorectal Cancer Data Administrator, and Anne Nash and Cate Pyke, Colorectal Liaison Officers. Providing support and counselling to colorectal cancer patients and their families.  Providing information and support to surgical inflammatory bowel patients. Comprehensive stoma care and advice service.

Dilham Ward:

Sister Wong and her team provide comprehensive care pre and post-operatively. Patients are admitted electively prior to surgery and either return directly to the ward following surgery or after a period in the High Dependency Unit, if this is thought necessary. We also have a major role in the provision of emergency surgical care, accepting many patients from the Emergency Assessment Unit. We work very closely with the other members of the colorectal unit and multidisciplinary teams to assist with, for example discharge planning, nutritional support and any other needs that may arise during a patients stay on the ward.


Contact Numbers

Telephone Number
Mr I Shaikh 01603 286423
Mr S Kapur 01603 289934
Mr R Wharton 01603 287597
Mr J Hernon 01603 287688
Mr R Durai 01603 287597
Colorectal Specialist Nurses 01603 287828
Stoma care Specialist Nursing Team 01603 286441