The Hospital is located on a green field site and is surrounded by a beautiful expanse of green fields and trees. For those needing to escape from the busy hub of the main hospital environment, the location offers a highly positive setting with peaceful oases.

When the Hospital was built the grounds were planted with over 16,000 trees and 50,000 shrubs set in 63 acres (25 hectares) of land. These are maintained to a high standard by our Serco Estates team of gardeners.

The Hospital Arts Project works closely with Trust, Octagon and Serco staff in the development of the existing Hospital grounds and the commissioning of new garden areas. The planning of these garden areas, the planting and furniture within the grounds reflect our aim of providing a positive environment as well as complying with all safety regulations.

Many patients and relatives donate trees and benches for which we are most grateful. The Hospital Arts Project ensures that full records are kept of donors, planting and locations for long term reference.