Interior Design

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital site at Colney Lane has 3,300 metres of Hospital corridors and 3,500 rooms. Most of this vast expanse of space is used 24 hours a day by thousands of patients, staff and visitors. Whilst carrying out projects at this site the Hospital Arts Project works closely with Octagon and Serco, our PFI partners, and we have been working on designing a new colour palette for the Hospital. This new colour palette is inspired by the Norfolk landscape – land, sea, sky, coast and the changing seasons. The colours are reflected in many of the artworks which are hung or displayed by us throughout the hospital.

The Trust also has a number of satellite sites which fall within the Hospital Arts Project's remit of working. These include Health Records, the Cotman Centre and Rouen Road. Whilst carrying out projects on these satellite sites the Hospital Arts Project works closely with the Trust's Facilities team.

Throughout all of our design work we continue to strive to strike a fine balance between the creation of a holistic feel and identity to the Hospital and the provision of a personal environment which suit the specific needs of each department.

Our work falls into two main categories:

Make Over – where the Hospital Arts Project is involved with complete
refurbishment including wall colours, floors, arts, seating arrangements and the
overall use of space.

Redecoration – where the Hospital Arts Project is involved with simply the
redecoration/colour scheme of a particular department or area.

We have established a specific colour palette for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital which reflects the professional environment which is focused towards being positive and reassuring patients and visitors.

Using well placed colour we aim to:

  • Provide a positive working environment for staff
  • Evoke positive thought and attitude
  • Reflect light (carbon management scheme)
  • Enforce the professional Hospital environment
  • Reflect and enforce the cleanliness of different areas
  • Calm, relax and encourage
  • Assist with way finding