Orthopaedic Research Unit

At the Norfolk & Norwich, we have a very active Orthopaedic Research Unit. We have dedicated, full time research nurses delivering commercially funded and non-commercially funded trials.

We undertake a number of NIHR trials and very actively recruit for the hospital. The Orthopaedic Research Unit contributes to over 10% of the patientsthe hopsital takes in every year.

We have a very significant interest in revision surgery including diagnostics, novel diagnostics and the diagnosis of infection. Due to our links with the University of East Anglia, we have a very active programme looking at laboratory-based science with genetic techniques for diagnoses of infection and typing of bacteria.

In addition, we undertake a variety of research with the the Department of Biology, the movement laboratories and the University of East Anglia Clinical Trials Unit.

We are involved in trials with UK and international centres with PhD Students undertaking both laboratory and clinical-based research through the UEA, as well as protocol development for grant applications.