Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy

Our ward input is the key to our clinical service. Wards are visited daily (Monday to Friday) by a Pharmacist in order to deal with all aspects of drug use. They will give advice and are willing to answer queries as we find it better to work on a multi professional basis. To achieve the best results please get to know your ward Pharmacist. They all carry a bleep and are contactable.

The One Stop Service
This supports the clinical input through our clinical support technicians to ensure supply.

Experienced Pharmacists
We have regular experienced Pharmacists working in Cardiology, Paediatrics, Stroke and Critical Care.

Specialist Pharmacists
We have Specialist Pharmacists working in all the areas including Oncology and Haematology, Renal, Respiratory, T.P.N., Emergency Admissions Unit, Antibiotic Therapy. Medicines Management, Thromboprophylaxis

Lead Pharmacists
Via our Lead Pharmacist scheme we provide information and advice on drug use and expenditure to Directorates.

Other Involvement
We are involved with many groups in the Trust such as Drug, Therapeutics & Medicines Management (we have specialist posts supporting this), Incidents and Risk management, P.G.D., Protocols, R&D, Ethics, and Guidelines.

Development of Services
Our focus is good patient care and we aim to develop services to further achieve this aim. We are always willing to discuss individual patient care or possible developments.