What do we do in the Dispensary?
Processing of Dispensing Requests for:

  • Patient ward charts
  • Controlled Drugs (CDs)
  • Medication for discharge
  • Inpatient medication
  • Outpatient prescriptions
  • Emergency or urgent prescriptions
  • Day case medication in specialised units/wards in the Community
  • Cromer and District Hospital

Internal Processes
All requests have to undergo the following processes:

  • Clinical check by a pharmacist before dispensing
  • Transcription from the charts on to worksheet
  • Worksheets taken by the dispensing staff to process
  • Dispensing staff, book off each item from our computer system           
    • If the item is on our shelf we then pick and label it
    • If it is in our robot the robot will locate and retrieve it
    • It will then arrive at the computer terminal via conveyors and helterskelters
    • The dispensing staff will then label it
  • Once the request has been completed it will then have a final accuracy check
    • The final accuracy check of all prescriptions is carried out by an accredited checking technician or pharmacist
  • The prescriptions are then ready for dispatch or collection.