We have launched a podcast where we invite experts from across our hospitals to discuss health related topics.

‘Behind the Hospital Curtain’ is available now on Spotify.

You can also find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music – just search for ‘Behind the Hospital Curtain’.

Latest episodes

Episode 3: Giving the gift of life through organ donation

In this episode we mark Organ Donation Week by hearing Charlotte and Lucy Hornby’s story. Charlotte’s husband, and Lucy’s dad, Andy, was in a road traffic collision, and sadly they were given the news he would not survive. We talk about what happened and the decision to donate Andy’s organs, which went on to transform the lives of three people. We’re also joined by Natalie Ashley, Specialist Nurse for Organ Donation, who tells us more about the organ donation process, and her role. Our heartfelt thanks to Charlotte and Lucy for sharing their experience.

Episode 2: From maths teacher to midwife – maternity services overview

We hear from Vicky Mash, former maths teacher turned midwife! We discuss everything you need to know about our maternity services, from what to do when you discover you are pregnant, what to expect at antenatal appointments, what to do if there are any concerns during pregnancy, labour options and postnatal care.

Episode 1: We all need a rock – maintaining our wellbeing 

We speak to Head of Spiritual Healthcare, Adrian Woodbridge, and Beth-Anne Mancktelow, Senior Health and Wellbeing Practitioner to discuss what impacts our wellbeing and the simple steps we can all take to look after ourselves. We discuss spirituality and what that means to different people, and the importance of connecting with others. There are simple tips we can all take to improve our wellbeing, plus advice on how to talk about your wellbeing if you’re finding things difficult.