Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy

Targeted therapies (also known as Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy or SACT) find and attack cancer cells.  Targeted therapies work differently from chemotherapy by targeting something around the cancer cell; on the cancer cell; or inside the cancer cell.  Your Doctor may also suggest a Targeted Therapy treatment, Immunotherapy treatment or a combination of Chemotherapy with a Targeted Therapy or an Immunotherapy.

Targeted therapies may be given in different forms, for example, in a pill, or in an infusion that is given through a vein.

You can find out more about Targeted Therapies, and Immunotherapy treatments on the Macmillan Cancer Support website.

You can watch a video about how these treatments work below

Please be aware that not all the Targeted Therapies and Immunotherapy treatments discussed in the links and video are available at every hospital. Please ask your doctor or Clinical Nurse Specialist for more information.

Find out more about the Weybourne Day Unit, the chemotherapy day suite at our hospital.

For further information on Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapies, you can visit the Macmillan website.