Weybourne Day Unit

The Weybourne Day Unit provides a nurse-led Oncology and Haematology service. Specially trained Chemotherapy Nurses administer outpatient chemotherapy regimens, which are supported by the Oncology and Haematology consultants and a team of doctors specially trained in Chemotherapy.


Chemotherapy: There are a variety of different chemotherapy treatments.  The appropriate treatment for each patient is discussed during consultation with a clinician.  The administration time for each chemotherapy regimen is variable and can take anything between 30 minutes to several hours.

Blood Transfusions: Occasionally it may be necessary to have a blood transfusion during your treatment.  Depending on the amount of blood you require will depend on the administration time which can take anything between 2 hours to 7 hours. This will be organised by the Weybourne Day Unit team, but will take place in a different area of the hospital.

Immunotherapy:  Immunotherapy is either given as part of the chemotherapy regimen or as an individual treatment.  The treatment required will determine the length of time it takes to be administered, and this could be anything from 1 hour to several hours.

Stem Cell Harvesting:  Stem Cell Harvesting takes place in a side room (with a bed) off the Day Unit. This procedure is carried out by one of our Haematology Nurse Specialists.

Venesections:  This procedure is undertaken by one of our Haematology Nurse Specialists and usually takes approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Clinical Trials:  Some haematology and oncology treatments are given as part of a clinical trial. This will have been discussed with you by your clinician and clinical trials practitioner.

Where to book in

There is a separate Weybourne Day Unit reception for patients attending for treatments within the Colney Centre.

Visitor facilities

There are 22 reclining chairs where patients receive their treatment. A visitor is allowed to accompany each patient. Refreshments are provided throughout the day and a light lunch is served to patients between 12 midday and 2 pm.

Mobile Cancer Care Unit

Patients may also be able to receive their treatment on the Mobile Cancer Care Unit.

The Mobile Cancer Care Unit can treat up to 16 patients a day and travels to different locations around Norfolk, delivering cancer care in Dereham, Fakenham, Beccles and Attleborough.  Chemotherapy Nurses from Weybourne Day Unit treat patients on the Mobile Cancer Care Unit.

This service allows patients to have their treatment closer to home, can reduce the stress and anxiety of a longer trip to the hospital and also reduce the cost of transportation to the hospital.

Please speak to your Doctor, Clinical Nurse Specialist or Chemotherapy Nurse for more information about possibly receiving your treatment on the Mobile Cancer Care Unit.

Patient Support Services

  • Macmillan Cancer Support and How Chemotherapy is given
  • Macmillan Cancer Support and Immunotherapy
  • Macmillan Cancer Support Targeted Therapies
  • Macmillan Cancer Support and Blood Transfusions
  • Big C Cancer Charity Support and Information Centre

The Big C offers many complimentary therapies, financial and emotional support, and support groups for people affected by all types of cancer.

Useful Information

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