When you arrive

You can be dropped off by car outside the inpatient entrance at the East and Centre Block Atrium on Level 1. There’s no car park charge for dropping off patients. Please report to the reception desk at the entrance and you’ll be directed or accompanied to your ward, where your name, personal details and next of kin information will be checked.

You may be given a bed in an individual room with en-suite toilet or in a single-sex, six-bed bay.

At the start of every nursing shift, the nurses looking after you should introduce themselves to you, so you know who to call.


You’ll be asked about any medication you’re taking to check your medication history, so please bring any medications with you.

Discharge information

On entering hospital you will be given a leaflet to help you prepare for your discharge.

Identity bracelets

For safety, you’ll be asked to wear an identity bracelet during your stay – please check that the details are correct and keep it on until you’re discharged. Your name will normally be displayed on the ward and may be visible to other people, so please let a member of staff know if you’d prefer this not to happen.