ENT referrals

COVID-19 and ENT referrals

In common with most other specialties, we are changing the way we work over the next few months and in particular who we see in outpatient clinics.
The elderly, the immunocompromised, those with IHD, men and smokers appear to be at greater risk of infection with Covid-19 and these demographics are highly pertinent to many of our patients. Elective surgery is being greatly curtailed and please inform your patients, if they contact you, that they will not be offered a surgical date until the COVID-19 outbreak is under control.
We therefore plan to restrict outpatients, including ear care, to urgent and 2WW referrals
All referrals will be vetted and undertaken by telephone and video-call where possible. We are also assessing patients that are currently booked into clinic to triage them. Please be aware some may be discharged with advice to seek re-referral in the future if they have an ongoing problem. As above others may be offered a telephone or video-call appointment.
In all cases we will endeavour to write to them to inform them of the current situation.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and we wish you all the best during this outbreak.