Chaplaincy services

Services in the Chapel

The Chapel is a multi-faith space and is open day and night for prayer and quiet reflection. People of many faiths and none use it throughout the day.

We also hold formal services.


Sundays at 10.30am, Holy Communion.

Wednesdays at 12.10pm, Holy Communion.

Daily at 9am, Morning Prayer.

Christian – Roman Catholic

The first Friday in the month, 12 noon, Mass.


Fridays at 1pm, Friday Prayers.

Muslim Prayer Room

We have a Muslim prayer room with washing facilities and prayer mats.

Multi-faith facilities

We have a multi-faith prayer room, which is sometimes used for Muslim ladies to pray, Buddhist meditation or for prayers by members of other faiths.

We have some sacred texts, prayer books and icons for use by members of different faiths. If there’s something you need to pray, please speak to a Chaplain and we will try to provide it.