New Guidance and Clarification

New Guidance and clarification regarding EPA andrology service and post vasectomy testing

All EPA laboratories are now following guidance released from the Association of Biomedical Andrologists, the British Andrology Society and the British Association of Urological Surgeons published in 2016. This will result in some changes in the way results are reported for post vasectomy semen analysis. The key changes are summarised below.

  • PVSA should take place a minimum of 12 weeks after surgery and after a minimum of 20 ejaculations.
  • All samples will need to be tested within 1 hour of production to ensure the number of analyses are kept to a minimum.
  • Assessment of a single sample is acceptable to confirm vasectomy success if no sperm are seen and all recommendations and laboratory methodology are met – Clearance can then be given.
  • The level for Special Clearance is <0.1 x 10^6/ml (<100 000/ml) non-motile sperm observed and should only be given after the assessment of two samples in full accordance with the guidelines.
  • Special Clearance cannot be provided if any motile sperm are observed.

In addition to these changes, in order to be compliant with ISO15189 clinical laboratory accreditation standards we request the following criteria are met when making requests for Male fertility, Post Vasectomy, and Vasectomy reversal semen analysis.

  • All patients must have a request form given to them at the time when the request is made. The laboratory will not process and report results if no request has been made. Requests should be made using webICE.
  • Patients must make appointments at their local hospital, JPUH, QEH or NNUH, before bringing their sample in. The numbers to call are on the request form.
  • Samples must be brought to the hospital within 1 hour of production.

If you have any questions regarding andrology services please discuss with Kelly Burton or Alistair Macartney on 01603 286909