Blood Transfusion


blood bank

Blood Transfusion is responsible for the provision of suitable blood components for patients. All blood Components are supplied by NHSBT who collect blood from donors and test donations for suitability prior to delivery at hospitals. Testing will include blood grouping, hepatitis B and HIV examination

The Blood Transfusion department issues red cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelets and cryoprecipitate for a number of surgical and medical specialities. It is also responsible for issuing Anti D and prothrombin Complex concentrate as well as factor concentrates for Haemophiliacs. There is a Transfusion department on site for all three Trusts within the EPA Network and between them they issue over 28,000 units of blood per year

The three departments are automated, all using the same analysers which are connected via IT links to provide a standardised service. All laboratories are MHRA compliant

There is active participation in regional and national audit and peer review activities such as data entry into the Blood Stocks Management Scheme which ensures that practice is under constant review and assessment

There are electronic tracking systems in each Trust enabling complete traceability of blood from donation to completion of transfusion.