Haematology Laboratory


The Haematology laboratory deals with the formation, composition, function and diseases of the blood. Due to the number of samples processed, the lab is highly automated with tracked analysers, although some manual procedures are still performed.

There is a Haematology laboratory on site for all three Trusts within the Eastern Pathology Alliance (EPA) Network

Haematology receives approximately 1 million requests a year and provides over 2.3 million test results a year. Depending on the type of request, these will be processed in Routine Haematology, Coagulation or Transfusion. Haematology is accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) to BS EN ISO15189:2012

Haematology accreditation no. 10295

This department provides a comprehensive repertoire of tests for the diagnosis and monitoring of Haematological disorders as well as monitoring certain drug regimes. The tests performed vary greatly from tests such as routine full blood count, blood film and bone marrow samples, ESR measurements, malaria screening, coagulation studies, Haemoglobinopathy screening, blood grouping and antibody testing to more specialist tests including the diagnosis of leukaemia.

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