Who are DrDoctor?

DrDoctor are a third-party provider that facilitate the sending of links and collecting of pre-screening questionnaire responses for Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. You may also have already received other hospital letters, appointments and assessments through the DrDoctor platform.


What are the benefits of completing the pre-screening questionnaire?

  • It will reduce the number of times you need to visit the hospital for pre-operative appointments and save you the associated costs (for instance, travel, parking, inconvenience, time off work etc.)
  • If you need to attend our Pre-operative Assessment Clinic, then an appointment will be organised with the appropriate professional based upon your individual needs.
  • You can complete the pre-screening questionnaire at a time that is convenient to you, and you have the time you need to carefully consider your answers.
  • Completing the pre-screening questionnaire reduces the chance of your procedure being cancelled on the day and other delays.
  • Completing the questionnaire remotely reduces the use of paper to support our carbon neutral goals.

Is my information secure?

You can view DrDoctor’s privacy policy here: https://my.drdoctor.co.uk/privacy.

To find out how the Trust handles personal data, please visit www.nnuh.nhs.uk/ privacy notice.


Where can I find out more about DrDoctor?

You can find out more about DrDoctor, including help with how to log in to their patient portal, here: https://www.drdoctor.co.uk/for-patients.


What happens next?

Whilst you are waiting for your procedure, we will look to update the information we hold regarding your health status. To that end, you will receive a link from DrDoctor every three months so that we can maintain an up-to-date picture of your health, whilst you wait.