The Gastroenterology Team

  • Dr Graham Briars, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist
  • Dr Mary-Anne Morris, Paediatric Consultant with special interest in gastroenterology.
  • Mr Ashish Minocha, Consultant Paediatric & Neonatal Surgeon with special interest in gastroenterology.
  • Mr Thomas Tsang, Consultant Paediatric & Neonatal Surgeon with special interest in gastroenterology.

Specialist Nurses

  • Catharine Searle
  • Sue Underhill-Smith
  • Karen Blair (Constipation Nurse Specialist)

Jenny Lind porthole 2The specialist nurses in gastroenterology are trained nurses who have special experience in looking after the physical, emotional and social needs of children with a range of gastroenterology problems, and particularly specialise in children with Inflammatory Bowel Disorders.

They help educate young people and their families to be better able to deal with their diagnosis, manage family and educational issues, to help avoid the complications of treatment, and achieve the highest possible quality of life. They are often the first point of contact in the team, and are excellent at answering concerns, and involving other team members as needed.

Specialist Paediatric Dietitians

  • Rachel Pereira
  • Liz Ingham
  • Sara Pullan

The specialist Paediatric Dietitians in gastroenterology are trained to ensure that nutritional requirements for health and growth are met in children with a range of gastroenterology problems. This includes Inflammatory Bowel Disorders where the dietitians have considerable experience in supporting patients and their families through Nutritional Therapy.

They lead the coeliac disease clinic reviewing the child’s gluten-free diet annually and advising any changes as appropriate. They prescribe the nutrition needed for infants and children with intestinal failure who are inpatients which usually involves Parenteral (intravenous) Nutrition, Enteral nutrition with specialised feeds (oral & tube feeding) and restricted diets and they then provide on-going regular support once patients are discharged.

They advise on dietary changes for problems such as food allergies and intolerance, constipation, diarrhoea or poor appetites and faltering growth. They attend the consultant clinics and so can provide nutritional advice at the appropriate time during the child’s medical care. They provide on-going telephone support to families as appropriate.

Paediatric Pyschologist

The Clinical Psychologist in the gastroenterology team helps young people and their families cope with the emotional effects of having a diagnosis, and helps improve young people’s quality of life. Having a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disorder can have a major impact upon a young persons mood, behaviour, friendships and school life.

Having a child with complex gastroenterological disease can also impact upon the families ability to cope, and relationships within the family. The Clinical Psychologist works alongside other members of the gastroenterology team, and offers both joint and individual appointments. The Clinical Psychologist in the gastro team offers pre-assessment appointments, initial assessments, therapy, consultation and advice to children and families within the IBD service, and for children with intestinal failure.

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