Staying In Our Hospital

How to find us

Jenny Lind follow boatTo find your way to Buxton Ward follow the boat with the red sail to the ward entrance.

If you have to stay in hospital for treatment you will come to Buxton Ward which is in the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital on Level 2 in the West Block.

Please use the west outpatients entrance level 2 and follow the boat with the red sail symbol to Buxton Ward from that entrance. You approach the ward off the main hospital street. The doors to Buxton Ward are always kept locked for security reasons. This is so that children do not leave the ward on their own and visitors are screened before coming into the ward.

There is a doorbell to ring to enter and exit the ward. You will need to wait before the doors are released. If staff are not aware of who you are, you may be asked at the door to identify yourself. Occasionally, if ward staff are very busy there may be a delay in the door being opened. Please be patient; it is not necessary to ring the bell repeatedly.

Space is limited on Buxton Ward, so please limit the amount of belongings you bring. One bag or holdall per family is enough. All possessions should be stored in the lockers provided and bags should not be left on the floor. Towels can be provided by the ward.

Please bring:

  • Comfortable clothes for your child and yourself (your child can wear day clothes or pyjamas)
  • Clean underwear
  • Toiletries
  • Favourite toys and books

Parents are responsible for their own possessions, and valuables should be kept to a minimum. For details relating to accommodation for parents and carers please follow this link, facilities for parents/carers


Please bring with you any medication your child is taking. This also applies to any parents/carers who will be staying on the ward. For safety reasons all medications must be kept locked away in our medicine room. Please make staff aware if you do bring any medication with you.

Car parking concessions

We appreciate that parking can become expensive if your child is in hospital. We can, therefore, approve car park tickets for parents of children on Buxton Ward so that you pay a maximum fixed price of £2 every time you leave the car park.  Please ensure you park on the Trust car park (C & D being the closest), and not the private car park by the Bob Champion building.

Children’s meals

All children on the ward are provided with three meals a day (where appropriate). Any special dietary requirements will be catered for but please discuss with the nursing staff on admission any specific requests you have.

If your admission is pre-arranged (i.e. not an emergency) please phone the ward in advance and inform staff of any special requests, tel 01603 286321. Snacks and drinks will also be supplied as required.

You can bring small amounts of food with you (for example, favourite yoghurts etc) and these can be stored in the fridge. Please discuss with the nursing staff if you wish to give your child any additional food/snacks.