Pre-operative Assessment

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When children are seen in the outpatient clinic and it is decided that they need a surgical procedure the waiting list coordinator is contacted and asked to arrange a date for the child's surgery and also a date for pre-op assessment.

Your child will attend the pre-op assessment with one or more parent/carer. The purpose of the pre-op assessment is firstly to prepare the child and parent/carer for the forthcoming surgery through role play and looking at picture books, and secondly to assess the child medically and socially to ensure their suitability for day surgery.

At the assessment routine observations will be taken such as height, weight, blood pressure and pulse. Questions will be asked to assess social suitability such as availability of transport home and presence of parent/carer at home for at least 24 hours post-op. A medical assessment will also be completed checking your child's medical history. Information will be given regarding fasting instructions and pre and postoperative information relating to your child's surgery.

Once all the preparation is complete the assessment is finished off with a visit to Lion ward to see the bed and play area and a colouring book is given to your child showing Sam's journey on Lion Ward. There is also time for any questions from parent/carer and also your child. A pack will be given with written information about the unit, individual procedural and anaesthetic information to back up verbal information already given. A date and time for admission will be given to the parent/carer. Your child is encouraged to bring a favourite teddy/comforter with them for the day if they wish.