Day of Surgery

Admission time for morning lists is 07:00 and for afternoon lists is 12:30. Your child and you as parent/carer, are taken to Lion Ward where all details are checked again by the named nurse or associate nurse. Ametop or Emla cream is applied to the back of the hand to numb it in preparation for cannulation.

Cream is not applied for babies as it is often difficult to see a vein and can cause more stress. Your baby would usually have a gaseous anaesthetic (mask over mouth and nose) Temperature is also recorded.

JL girl on sand

While waiting to see the surgeon and anaesthetist. your child has a chance to look through the bravery certificate folder, selecting their favourite colour. This can be coloured in while waiting for their surgery or be given on discharge to be coloured in at home. There are plenty of toys, books and games to play with. We also have a selection of DVDs and videos to watch.

Our surgeon will arrive to see your child and you as parent/carer. At this point the consent form will be discussed you as parent/carer and if not already signed in clinic will be signed by you as your child’s parent/carer (Legal Guardian only). If appropriate the operation site will be marked.

Our anaesthetist will also see your child and you as parent/carer. The anaesthetist will discuss any anaesthetic worries the child or parent/carer may have. They will discuss type of anaesthetic, cannulation and IV drugs for most children, or gaseous anaesthetic, if appropriate. They will also discuss analgesia and how it will be given. Sometimes a pre-med will be prescribe by the anaesthetist and given by a nurse at some point pre-op.

The recovery staff will come to Lion Ward to introduce themselves to the children and parent/carers. They will discuss their role at this point. The operating list is usually arranged in the child’s age order ie. the youngest going first the eldest going last. There are sometimes contradictions to this in exceptional circumstances but this will be discussed at assessment and again on admission.

We like our children to walk or be carried by you as parent/carer if appropriate into the anaesthetic room. The ward nurse usually accompanies your child and only one parent/carer in to the anaesthetic room Your child will usually have their anaesthetic while sitting on their parent/carers lap, older children will normally lay on the bed with you as parent/carer sitting next to them.

When the surgery is completed your child will be taken to the recovery ward where the recovery staff will look after them. As the child’s parent/carer, you will be called to recovery once your child is settled. Two parents/carers may come to this area if they wish. Once your child has woken up they will be taken back to Lion Ward.

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On return to Lion Ward the nurse will check that everything is okay offer squash or water and food when appropriate. All children will stay in bed for at least one hour post-op. When your child has eaten and the nurse and your child are happy your child will be helped out of bed by the nurse. They can then carry on playing or watching TV until time for home.