Facilities For Children

Jenny Lind angel fishBuxton Ward has a playroom for younger children to play in. Our team of play specialists will endeavour to provide a selection of activities to join in with (painting etc). Brothers and sisters are also welcome to use the playroom but must be supervised by an adult.

If your child is unable to use the playroom toys and games can be brought to the bedside. There is also an outdoor playground a short walk from the ward which parents can take their children to. Children should be supervised while in the playground by a parent or other responsible adult.

outdoor play area







Each bed has an individual television with a telephone above it. The televisions are free to use on the ward and just need registering with the operator on admission. If your child wishes to watch a video or DVD we have a portable television for use. Televisions are switched off at 9pm. The system also has a bedside telephone with a loop system for the hard of hearing. It costs 10p per minute to make a phone call from the bedside but anyone phoning you will be charged 49p per minute peak rate (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm) and 39p per minute off peak (evenings and weekends).

TV system and card