How we support carers

Carer’s Passport

Our Carer’s Passport supports carers visiting patients staying in hospital to provide care such as emotional and psychological support to maintain health and wellbeing, helping at mealtimes and providing personal care.

It’s available on all adult in-patient wards at the discretion of the nurse in charge and offers concessions as a small gesture of thanks and appreciation, including discounted meals in the main restaurant and coffee shops in the West and East Outpatient areas and free parking.

Please speak to the nurse in charge for more details.

Carer’s Partnership Agreement

The Carer’s Partnership Agreement Form is completed by staff when issuing the Carer’s Passport and sets out an agreement between the carer and ward about what support they can offer the patient.

Patient care will always remain the responsibility of ward staff, but we recognise that some carers may wish to continue supporting the person they usually care for while they are in hospital.

We aim to work in partnership with you and want to ensure that ward staff and carers are fully aware of each other’s responsibilities and expectations in meeting the patient’s needs. It’s important to establish what you wish your role to be and this information will be held as an agreement between the main carer and ward staff and reviewed regularly.

Carers’ Policy

This document sets out how we work with carers and carers’ organisations to ensure carers’ needs are considered in all aspects of our activities.