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Patient feedback

If you’ve recently used one of our out-patient services, been to the Emergency Department, or stayed on a ward, please tell us about your experience by completing this short survey – simply select the area you’d like to give feedback on.

You don’t have to give your name, your answers won’t be traced back to you and your details won’t be passed on, so please tell us exactly what you think. If you’re the parent or carer of someone who can’t complete the survey themselves, please complete it for them. Your anonymous feedback will be shared with the appropriate ward or clinic to help staff make improvements and enhance patient experience.

All our surveys include the “Friends and Family Test” questions, which ask for feedback on your overall experience of using our service. Find out more.

More than 2,000 inpatients a month respond to our Friends and Family Test, and our score is consistently been above 97%. You can also see our results in our Trust Board papers.

If you’re a patient, carer or family member, you can also give anonymous feedback about our services through these sites:

Visiting feedback

Inpatient visiting has a huge impact on patient experience, family/relative/Carer Experience and staff experience. This is why we would like know everyone’s feedback and help make sure we can get this experience right.

We would like to know your experiences of visiting our hospital – this could have been in person or virtually. Your responses will help to improve how we support inpatient visits.

Please complete this short survey to share your views.

SMS surveys

If you have recently visited our Emergency department (and discharged straight home rather than being admitted) or had an Outpatients appointment  you may have received a text message from us asking you to tell us about your experience. We are trying to capture feedback from as many patients as possible. Cards and QR Code posters are still available for you to provide feedback if you wish to.

You can also tell us about your experience by completing this short survey. As above, you don’t need to give your name and we can’t trace your comments back to you or share your details. It is your opportunity to tell us exactly what you think about the care you have received and any other parts of your experience.

We read all the feedback that is provided and share this with colleagues to celebrate the positive experiences and change some of the areas that you may have highlighted as needing improvement.