Same Day Admissions Unit (SDAU)

Same Day Admissions Unit (SDAU)

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Patients arrive at SDAU on the morning of their surgery.

After surgery patients will be sent to appropriate destination wards for post operative care.

To contact this ward


Tel: 01603 286286

How does SDAU work?

All elective surgical inpatients will go through SDAU pre-operatively. There are certain groups of patients who will be unsuitable for SDAU and these will be brought in the day before.

The SDAU provides the following advantages:

  • better pre-op admission for patients
  • fewer unnecessary overnight stays the night before for patients
  • increased bed capacity
  • a discharge facility for surgical patients

Patients arrive at SDAU on the morning of their surgery. The patients for an operating list will normally be seen by the surgeon and anaesthetist in consulting rooms before the list begins. Nursing staff will also see and prepare patients in time for their slot in theatre. Patients will change and be able to wait in a designated ‘pre theatre’ area on SDAU. When theatres are ready they will send a support worker across to collect patients. Patients can either walk or be pushed in a wheelchair to theatre. After surgery patients will be sent to appropriate destination wards for post operative care.

Special instructions

Patients coming into hospital should refer to the Patient Information section of the website for a checklist of items that they may wish to bring into hospital.

Patients should receive an information leaflet with their admissions letter which will provide further information on medication, eating and drinking instructions and what to expect from their stay on the Same Day Admissions Unit.

SDAU is a patient area and friends and relatives cannot be accommodated – however, in exceptional circumstances carers may be permitted to accompany the patients.


Patients should bring all the medicines with them that have been prescribed by their doctor (GP) and have been taking at home. This includes tablets, capsules, syrups, inhalers, eye/ear drops, creams, ointments, patches and injections (medicines should be put into the green bag supplied at the pre-assessment appointment).

Patient should not bring in strips of tablets (only original packs with the pharmacy label on them please). If used, a tablet organiser / box may be brought in and this should include the details of who normally fills it.

Patients’ ‘repeat prescription’ sheet from their GP should also be brought in and the nurse, doctor or pharmacist informed of any medicines on the list that have been changed or no longer taken.

How to contact the ward

Tel: 01603 286286

How to find this ward

The unit is based next to Dilham ward, directly opposite main theatres on Level 3, Centre block.

Please use the Inpatients West and Centre or Inpatients East and Centre entrance/s and follow the signs to Same Day Admissions Unit/Dilham Ward. If you are coming by car and need to park, the closest car park/s are K, L, M, N, O.

If the car park is full, spaces may be available in the public car park opposite A&E, which is operated independently.

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